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Played this live... long run you are going to lose no matter what and the way they cheat in this wheel is that they spin it in both sides
Comment from : InstegramSHQIP

Absolute Aaron
Latvia: Not allowed to gamble online
Also Latvia: Lets take everyones money from gambling

Comment from : Absolute Aaron

Spell Chi
Wins 120 from 100 bet = were on a roll...
Comment from : Spell Chi

Gin, Juice
Sanjay. Why so obsessed 😂😂 send bobs
Comment from : Gin, Juice

I'm sure theres a tension brake on the clicker of the wheel they can allow it to spin one last click
Comment from : PhreshFunk

Bert Vandenbosch
Its soooo addictive this game
Comment from : Bert Vandenbosch

The only Magnet in Casinos is our own Greed...lol
Comment from : weerobot

Crab Kebab
She needs a nice rock thrown at her teeth
Comment from : Crab Kebab

Ja Poepske
Watt is dat
Comment from : Ja Poepske

Comment from : DAVTYANS

Danger CM
This is so much fun to play and watch, please do more in this instead of roulette to go to the blackjack table with the winnings from this
Comment from : Danger CM

βα μα
I can spin the wheel and never hit 40x.Its easy.Its not luck.its when I start speed the wheel
Comment from : βα μα

LinZey DT 125R
It‘s rigged
Comment from : LinZey DT 125R

Ryan Hewitt
its all rigged. The wheel has a motor in the back and it can stop or continue spinning. Evelution Gaming is all a big scam. it lookes fun and many play it but its a scam and they cheat often.
Comment from : Ryan Hewitt

Ziemlich cooles Spiel
Schade das du nicht mehr gewonnen hast

Comment from : BigCasinoBonus

Andres Urosa
I would like to emphasize the fact that she look to the right and above when you answer the question. Signs of a lie 4:18
Comment from : Andres Urosa

Sweet Tea
Spin wheel can be easily rigged. Wasting your time & money playing this.
They put something behind the wheel to control where should the arrow land.

Comment from : Sweet Tea

Play the monopoly wheel!
Comment from : Toxim

"Can you talk a lot of shite?"
"You're hired!"

Comment from : atsg11

Anton Øvreberg
The wheel is rigged up, just sayin ^^
Comment from : Anton Øvreberg

I don't even get excited anymore when it hits a multiplier. As usually it lands on 1 or 2 wich i don't really cover or i'd only get the money back that i lost..Horrible odds..Il stick to roullete..Or black jack..
Comment from : J DENNY

Stan Vinken
You sound a lot like DoctorBenjiFM
Comment from : Stan Vinken

karim lavji
First time I started I was like Hmm what's this? And never again did I return
Comment from : karim lavji

TiMmY Fung
Fucking stupid game
Comment from : TiMmY Fung

Mucki TV
first time?? i dont no...... And this game is so confuse.You can loser mannyyyy i know.1 and 2 comes offft thats it
Comment from : Mucki TV

Wes Vranesevic
1 or 2 hits about 70% of the time. More money can be won if 1 and 2 are bet with more money. Everyone likes big odds. But not your best chance
Comment from : Wes Vranesevic

Never 40
Comment from : 林小

Nitish Sharma
Just stop gambling if u don't ruin your life
Comment from : Nitish Sharma

Winter Tarzan Jagrup
I want to beat this bitch up for her up and fuck her brutally to make her annoying ass shit up and skullfuck her throat
Comment from : Winter Tarzan Jagrup

dave shocky
PLACE YOUR BETS. My money is on her 😉😏
Comment from : dave shocky

Abdulla Rifai
Woulda kept my bet on 40/20 to like 5 each and put a lot on 1 and 2 and 5 and like 10 on 10. But go big or home i guess lol
Comment from : Abdulla Rifai

Orphan M8kER
If go 340 see her put finger on wheel so stop at 1
Comment from : Orphan M8kER

Phil Kessel
What the fuck is the point of betting on the 1?
Comment from : Phil Kessel

You really don't know how to bet bro, wasted my time
Comment from : RoSSo

That dealer is annoying as fuck
Comment from : 10questionswith

Valentino A
that host... i hate her. Annoying.
Comment from : Valentino A

Entertaining !
Comment from : dfierros83

Penguiin - CSGO & More
1x gives 2x ?
Comment from : Penguiin - CSGO & More

Joel Clusiault
whats the fun in breaking even, scared money
Comment from : Joel Clusiault

If you bet on high numbers you're almost always going to lose. I don't understand why people do it.
Comment from : JustMazey

You can not stop gaming dude, just cash out when you were doing good dude. Stop saying you dont know what to do and keep gambling
Comment from : UnboxViews

Gurbetçi Furkan
This game is just another scam, just search for the proof I have never seen a better proof on some casino game then this one.
Comment from : Gurbetçi Furkan

Connor Cassidy
Put money on 2 5 and 20
Comment from : Connor Cassidy

Comment from : BlackBirdz

Josh Phillips
Top Gear?
Comment from : Josh Phillips

Money Talkzz
Comment from : Money Talkzz

Serr Kocc
pure luck? dude u had serious massive luck, next time u get broke 100%
Comment from : Serr Kocc

konsta ruismäki
shame u didnt get the beatboxing host
Comment from : konsta ruismäki

E.G.A.N 2
I love how everybody in that game is tryna make the host take off her clothes 😂
Comment from : E.G.A.N 2

Esau Cuevas
Pones mal las apuestas prueba poniendo 1-5-10.
numero 1: 20 euros
numero 5: 5 euros
Numero 10: 5 euros
tendras utilidades , asi es muy dificil men

Comment from : Esau Cuevas

Get in there
Comment from : ProRace

David Ollino
Oh l don’t know what to do, l don’t know what to do
Comment from : David Ollino

Okan Akinci
Watching this when i lost my money :((
Comment from : Okan Akinci

James Bond satta king
sir plz tell me how to withdraw my cash money without bonus money
Comment from : James Bond satta king

Nineteen Eight
amk salağı ya aparayı bok etti salakça
Comment from : Nineteen Eight

Jared Miller
She doesn't spin the wheel the same # each time
Comment from : Jared Miller

The Punisher 567k
I win 400 dollar i invest only 2 dollar
Comment from : The Punisher 567k

Fuck me that woman is fucking annoying.
Comment from : Eddy

Justin Boocock
Mute. Tips
Comment from : Justin Boocock

wrong way to play
Comment from : basad333

Red Snow
I think I found a cheesy way of winning this every time. Hmmm...
Comment from : Red Snow

Marcel Lackovic
Comment from : Marcel Lackovic

Annoyed that i can´t play this game in Denmark for whatever reasons
Comment from : svupster

Bertrand Smith
You have a gambling problem 😳
Comment from : Bertrand Smith

Yea Right
Do u understand odds?
Comment from : Yea Right

Gamblin' Cabbie
Dealer, "Your being a perv, and theres a ONE for that being a perv!"
Comment from : Gamblin' Cabbie

How does autoplay works
Comment from : swaggerfifaspeler

Brandon Yu
This game would be so much better if the dealer was naked
Comment from : Brandon Yu

Crazy Eric
Probably worst game ever odds are terrible
Comment from : Crazy Eric

Comment from : ПЕТРОВИЧ_ В_ДЕЛЕ

Jack Lee
we’ll be here all day otherwise yeah because roulette is always instant you absolute degenerate
Comment from : Jack Lee

If you enjoy losing money, this is the game for you.
Comment from : Adam

Mehmet Kaya
you are playing dumb
Comment from : Mehmet Kaya

Oi im also from latvia
Comment from : James

oh man... those bets :)) I want to teach you lol
Comment from : Yourhavingagaff

Joe D
When you hit that 10 i jumped outta my seat man, get in there! Friggen “dream wheel” was actually fun to watch. More please
Comment from : Joe D

fallen' ' '
Make h smileeeee😇
Comment from : fallen' ' '

Can that chick just shut the fok up
Comment from : Paljas

U have issues dude
Comment from : Paljas

João Ventura
your bets are so funny :D
Comment from : João Ventura

xavier van de Laar
She spins so slow i dont know why but its so fucking annoying
Comment from : xavier van de Laar

3:50 for the love of humanity, show us the goodies. what does he mean?
Comment from : RRP

You are really stupid gambler. You don't think before betting where to bet, you just hope to hit big. You deserve to loose man.
Comment from : Mustafa

Joseph Saeteurn
the guy in the chat jinx the spin saying there hasn't been a 1 in 9 spin..bam!! lolz
Comment from : Joseph Saeteurn

Fireb Reath
Wtf that dude is doing
Comment from : Fireb Reath

jeet jeeti
Comment from : jeet jeeti

Make Gamble Great Again
this game so tilting!
Comment from : Make Gamble Great Again

Emīls Rudovics
This girl liar! We can gamble online in Latvia. She does not know shit 😄
Comment from : Emīls Rudovics

Comment from : Lewziih

Lios Na Gcearbhach
X7 x7 20 first go oush
Comment from : Lios Na Gcearbhach

Mr. Marston
Mate i'll give you a tip, always play 1X but doubling up you Bet every time it'll pay on the long run
Comment from : Mr. Marston

Just subbed today. Watched loads of your live casino dealer videos today. Really enjoyed them keep up the good work man.
Comment from : LewisDollin9

105 Wonky
We are not using magnets 🤦‍♂️ just as I tune in 🤔😜
Comment from : 105 Wonky

Mate.what the hell is this????
Love 'minnie 🐁 mouse' though.she very entertaining. Lol


Andrew Williams
Comment from : Andrew Williams

Mark Platt
God if u ever went out with her!! Can talk a donkey to sleep!!!
Comment from : Mark Platt

I know everyone has their opinions etc on rigged machines and so on but one thing i have noticed with this game is no matter who is hosting they always appear to brush up against the left side of the wheel just as it it about to stop , probably just me.
Comment from : weebullybull

Matt Pickles
Why did it say livedreamcatcher.com half way through your vid?
Comment from : Matt Pickles

Ellis James
It reels you in so bad I love it haha good Little video though
Comment from : Ellis James

ty Hypalinx love your vids
Comment from : milan

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