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ahurad mehregan
This was the most stupid lightening strategy I ever seen lol . Jeeeez . The poor guy doesn't know what is this game about at all !!??😁😁😁
Comment from : ahurad mehregan

dami man
Comment from : dami man

George Pirillos
Very bad strategy..... even if you hit 22,23,24 you get paid 120.... so with 0,19,20 21 you lose 235 and with 22,23,24 you lose 115...
Comment from : George Pirillos

Andre s
This is silly a very silly strategy because the $90 chips placed on dozens may aswell be put on the numbers instead so if the wheel catches the lightning number you get paid anywhere between 50 and 500x. Same goes for the chips placed in between numbers you will not get paid for the lightning number if it comes up which significantly boosts your bankroll. This strategy decreases your chances of winning mainly from the $90 chips placed on dozens.
Comment from : Andre s

paresh jani
if 0 comes two times in a row. then it will take 2 days to cover your loss.
Comment from : paresh jani

Yashaswi Pruthi
Its not a very good strategy coz if one of those four numbers come u would have a loss of 235 and u r only making 35 per win. So u will be having loss....
Comment from : Yashaswi Pruthi

Mahender Kumar
Which online casino is that
Comment from : Mahender Kumar

what about 19,20,21
Comment from : ONLINE MONEY

i tested this in a simulator and lost ALOT, not a good strategy
Comment from : Eternity

Leroy D'souza
hey man. thanks for this you are awesome... do you have an email address i can reach you on?
Comment from : Leroy D'souza

thank u it really works
Comment from : Larisa

Aimim fan
Zero will fuck you
Comment from : Aimim fan

don cardoz
Except 22, 23, 24 you will have profit 10% on all the numbers which i have placed my bets. And on 22 23 24 you will be loss of 60% that means you recover 40%. Try to play this odds on demo roulette and see. You will have to get profit. But don’t play longer than 5 minutes
Comment from : don cardoz

S Mohammed Fayaz
Plz reply sir
Comment from : S Mohammed Fayaz

S Mohammed Fayaz
Thank u soooooo much for sharing this trick sir, but how much we will win if ball hits 13,14,15,16,17,18 and 22,23,24?
Comment from : S Mohammed Fayaz

And if 19 ,20 ,21 come!!??
Comment from : xavier

Colin Sushiboy
What if it hits zero lol?
Comment from : Colin Sushiboy

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